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Revised – Bluetooth issue notification

Inband Hertar has been in contact with the producer of Realtek Bluetooth chipset.
That company has begun to make new defaults to vanish the problem.
Inband Hertar ltd will pronounce when and how the nuisance can be avoided.

Original message:

We have noticed incompatibility issue between the new Inband Bluetooth module (green readiness light) used in Inband targets and and some laptops (f.ex ASUS 210) using Realtek Bluetooth chipset. Problem is related to internal software (firmware) of the Bluetooth module. These incompatibility laptops work normally without any blames in normal use.

We have not noticed issues with laptop’s or external Bluetooth dongles using other manufacturer’s chipsets. We have been in contact with the module manufacturer to resolve the issue, meanwhile a workaround is to use external USB Bluetooth dongle with the laptop having this issue. The manufacturer has recently notified the same phenomen.

Green bluetooth modules have been delivered since the very end of the year 2021.