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The first operational Inband electronic scoring target was called the Inband Air, which was designed for 10 metre shooting in year 2016. That is still the flagship of our EST fleet and the base to development other EST systems. The Finnish Shooting Sport Federation (FSSF) gave an official certification to the InBand Air system to be used in all sub-national level competitions (corresponding near ISSF Phase I). The way to the national level certification is in a concideration.

The basic architecture of each Inband EST system are the same. They consist of the target itself, computer, software and the datalink between these. The target is connected to the computer display either with a USB cable, Bluetooth® or local area network (LAN). A User can choose to get the shot information either in full rings or ISSF decimal scoring. When competitions are organised also an Inband Range Officer software is needed to manage all the electronic targets simultaneously in the same database.

The ordinary laptop (WIN 7, 8, 10; 32/64 bit, minimum of 1GB RAM) is compatible with the Inband EST system which can make the purchasing of Inband system even more economical.

The Inband EST software is included always in the system delivery. The latest version of the software can be found here.

If you have any doubt when downloading it, you can order it free: support@inband.fi. We will help you, of course.

Inband Air (10 m)

Inband Air EST system is for 10 metre shooting. The basic delivery contains an electronic target, a power source, a target lighting device (LED), 15 metre USB cable, a target frame, a witness strip (control sheet) and target faces (air rifle, air pistol or hunting figures). 10 metre target is possible to have also with a Bluetooth® module.

Target and control sheet supplies: https://targets.krueger-shops.eu/
– air rifle (product 6110)
– air pistol (product 6130)
– target, plain (product 6150)
– control sheet (product 6600/10).

Inband (50 m)

Inband 50 is intended for .22LR outdoor shooting with sub-sonic bullets. Because the system is intended mainly for indoor shooting the target must be covered with waterproof shelter.

The system is delivered with bold front plate to protect the electronic parts of the target. Inband 50 is suitable also for 10 metre shooting. The basic delivery contains an electronic target, a power source, wireless a Bluetooth® module, a target frame, a paper control sheet (older versions: rubber), extended black target (Kruger 6104 GB) and target faces (small bore rifle, 27 x 25 cm2).

The latest version of InBand 50 EST is compatible with paper evidence paper roll and can be operated also by powerbank style power source.

Now also upgrade kits available for older Inband Air versions.
– Inband Air KIT BT to upgrade 10 metre USB version to Bluetooth version
– Inband Air KIT 50 to upgrade 10 meter Bluetooth version to 50 metre rifle version
– Inband Air KIT BT50 to upgrade 10 metre USB version to 50 metre rifle version
– Inband Air KIT Plus to upgrade older 50 metre rubber band control sheet version to compatible with Kruger paper control sheet version.

Inband Omni

Inband Omni is the newest target of the Inband EST family. It is as easy to use as its predessor Inband Air. Inband Omni is purposed to be used in 25 and 50 meter shooting. Anyway, it is very handy also in the longer distances f.ex for rifle shooting.

Inband Omni is based on the acoustic sensors with Bluetooth ® wireless data transmission to the shooter display. Shooting programs included in CISM covers all ISSF and CISM pistol disciplines with green/red-light indicator (turns). Multiple Omni can be connected together.

Inband Biathlon

Inband Biathlon is manufactured for the biathlon training. It consists of five targets like the normal set of biathlon targets. A single target is the same as in the Inband 50 system, but the hit data is integrated to one single computer display.

Inband Range Officer

Inband Range Officer software is for competition management, not for shooting with a single electronic target. Inband Range Officer is needed to manage all the electronic targets in a competition or training session simultaneously in the same database and to provide all results. Working with an Inband Range Officer a separate computer, a router and a data link are needed. Data transmission can be executed either in cable (Ethernet) or wireless (Wi-Fi).

With Inband Range Officer you can manage

  • starting lists for relays
  • disciplines and shot numbers
  • elimination relays (ISSF final protocol is not yet included)
  • results, timing and scoring services (RTS).

The Inband Range Officer software can be downloaded here. If you have any doubt to download it, you can order it free: support@inband.fi.

There is also third-party softwares to deliver the Inband Range Officer data in excel version all the way to internet. These softwares covers qualification and ISSF final, mixed team final and team event final.

For further information, do not hesitate to contact us: sales@inband.fi.

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