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Many clubs have purchased lot of affordable Inband electronic targets. We are present in 30 indoor shooting ranges and on some outdoor ranges as well In Finland. Furthermore, numereous private shooters have modernised their training facilities with easy-to-use Inband EST targets. InBand targets have been delivered about 600 items in Finlad and all around the world, too. It can already be found in 25 countries from New Zealand to Canada.

The Nokia (FIN) Indoor shooting range (10 m) is one of the first ranges that started to use an Inband Air electronic scoring target. This range is USB wired range with joint command desk (Inband Range Officer) and www-assisted result service.

Targets are attached in front of the back wall using bullet traps of old hand operated paper target carriers.

The Hämeenlinna (FIN) indoor shooting range (10 m) has also wired Inband Air electronic scoring targets. They are attached behind the back wall with extra bullet traps.

The Oulu (FIN) Indoor shooting range has wireless Inband Air electronic scoring targets.

The Vinslöv (SWE) Indoor shooting range (10 m) has wireless Inband Air electronic scoring targets in a multi-purpose plenary room.

The Hollola (FIN) Outdoor shooting range has 20 wireless Inband Air 50 electronic scoring targets in gthe 50 meter range.

The Kaiu (EST) Outdoor shooting range has 10 pieces of wireless Inband Air 50 electronic scoring targets in 50 meter range.

SN Shooting Range is the longest commercial indoor shooting range in Finland (55m). It is located in Espoo. It is purposed for both professional and recreational needs with almost all pistol and rifle calibres with Hertar bullet traps.
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