Inband Air is a Finnish electronic scoring target (EST) for 10 metre and 50 metre sport shooting. The measurement of the shot location is based on a conventional acoustic measurement technology.

Inband company has become a trustworthy provider of EST systems in very short time of three years. Furthermore, we are very cost-effective. That is why we have delivered more than twenty 10 metre ranges, so far. And we are escalating!

Pictures below express our development. The left hand side picture is the first prototype of our 10 metre electronic target. It was made only of cardboard, and that also functioned extremely well. Notice, that this happened only three years ago! Now we have more than 250 EST-system delivered. And customers are really satisfied. Furthermore, on the right hand picture we have our next generation EST for 50 metre shooting with wireless datalink. That EST was handed over to Jere-Juhani Salo (Nokia Shooting Club) which was the winner of the InBand Challenge Competition.

For further information:  (puh: +358 50 5816876)

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