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InBand price list

With InBand electronic scoring targets you can train affordable according to the modern requirements.

Inband Air EST

  • The basic delivery contains an electronic target, a power source, a target illuminating device (LED), a target frame, a witness strip (control sheet) and 5 pieces of target faces (air rifle, air pistol or hunting figures) and a software
  • no computer or other device as a display included.

Inband Air wired (USB 15 m) 950 €
Inband Air EST with a Bluetooth® 1050 €.
An USB cable delivered with Bluetooth® version at prize of 20 €.

Inband Air EST for small bore rifle shooting

  • Inband Air Bluetooth® with bolded front plate and 2 pieces of 50 metre target faces.

Inband Air 50 m with Bluetooth® 1100 €
Rubber control sheet for extra price 25 €.

Please, request an offer for deliveries more than five Inband Air EST.

Upgrade kits

The price for the upgrade kits depends on the existing version of your target and the desirable level. Usual upgrades are from wired version to wirelessa and from 10 meter target to 50 meter target. Please, reguest a quotation.

Range planning and installation by the InBand company is also possible according to the offers. Range may also be totally wireless.

Package and shipping in Finland are EUR15 per device. Deliveries to Estonia and Sweden EUR35 per device. Delivers to EU-countries EUR50 per device. Non-EU deliveries according to costs.

Prices are including VAT (VAT24%).

InBand EST has a 24-month guarantee.

– 50 m rifle rubber control band 25 €/piece
– 50 m rifle plastic aiming mask 5 €/piece
– air rifle target (product item 6110), air pistol target (item 6130), plain target (item 6150), rapid air pistol target for small bore shooting (extra black card) (item 6104 GB) and control sheet (item 6600/10) according to the pricelist of Krueger-shop (https://targets.krueger-shops.eu/).

For further information, do not hesitate to contact us: sales@inband.fi.